Welcome to getdjpet.com! I'm available to live DJ parties, both with your amp and speakers as well as my own equipment. If you have a network I can also webcast a completely different second feed to a remote location. I use Mixmeister Fusion as well as CD decks and a mixer to do all of my mixing; no ipods on shuffle, I hand mix every transition. I currently have 15000+ MP3s of many different genres. I mostly spin Electro / Industrial / Synthpop / FuturePop / EBM / Goth / Darkwave, however I also love to spin ambient / down-tempo / trip-hop / sexy groove. I have provided the music for anything from high-school graduation parties to fire spinning events to industrial goth clubs.

Through A Curious Production I run sound and lighting for concerts all the way from Portland ME to Washington DC. I own all of my own equipment and can deliver, setup, run, and tear down it all. Why not let me take care of the tech for your next event?

Think you are too far away? I can "remote" DJ for you. Give me a bunch of requests and I can spin a set and record it for you. Pricing is dependant on the number of hours that you need music, just like any in person gig. Obviously I can do a much better job if I am there in person; I can travel pretty light and would only need gas money and a place to stay for the night to make it worth my while.

I often mix across genres, pulling tracks from out of the depths to give your event a truly unique sound all it's own. Requests are always welcome and encouraged. While I am DJing I can also run light shows sync'ed to the music; why hire a second engineer to do the lighting when I can take care of it all?

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  • [11/1/2010] DJpet accepts residency at Resurrection, Manchester NH
  • [11/1/2010] DJpet selected to run sound and music for Winter Solstice 4 day Party for The Black Phoenix Club
  • [11/1/2009] DJpet selected to run sound and music for Winter Solstice 4 day Party at The Black Phoenix Club
  • [11/2009] DJpet finally gets off his ass and updates the site!
  • [6/1/2008] DJpet gets LUSH night at Rob Jacks!!
  • [5/1/2008] DJpet selected DJ of the Month by Radio Golgotha!
  • [4/12/2008] added the visitor map link
  • [2/16/2008] www.getdjpet.com redesign
  • [2/1/2008] DJpet accepts bi-weekly radio show offer @ Radio Golgotha

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